How to Become a Member

PRO Days: House Visits and Math Tutoring

    Each PRO day we have an open house to prospective members so that you can come tour the house and get a quick overview of how we run things and how the house looks; it is a great time to get an initial feeling for the house.  On your PRO day, you are welcome to spend the night at the house Friday night into Saturday, Saturday night into Sunday, or both.  Please don't hesitate to ask us about staying!

    If you are getting into Rolla late the night before your PRO day or would like to have some individualized help with the Math review for the Math Exam, you can come to our house to study.  One of our upper-classmen will work through the same material they hand out at the general math session but will be able to spend more time working on subjects you may not individually understand.  Again, don't hesitate to ask us about this, as we are happy to help out.

Recruitment Events

    Throughout the semester and summer, we have various rush events.  These are usually fun activities like paint-balling, going to a St. Louis Cardinal's game, and our annual camping and float trip weekend.  The main benefit of coming to our rush events is for you to get to know our members, and for us as a house to get to know you as a person.  If you would like to come to any Recruitment Events, contact one of our rush chairmen and they will answer any questions you might have, and arrange transportation for you.  Visit the Events page for dates and information.

The Bid Card

    A bid card is a formal invitation to join our house.  Once we give you a Bid Card, either in the mail or in person at a PRO day/recruitment event, you need to fill it out and return it to us.  This lets us know who will for sure be joining us the following semester so we can properly prepare room arrangements, budgets, and more.

    Upon our receiving the Bid Card, we will forward it to the Student Life Office and on to Residential Life. **Once you send us your Bid Card back, you are guaranteed a spot in our house the following semester, and you are removed from the campus housing lists.**  Go ahead and fill out your campus housing forms once you get them, so that should you decide to live on campus, you get a good spot.  Then, if you decide to live with us instead, your campus housing form is negated.  A signed Bid Card in combination with an email to Residential Life from you will cancel your housing with the campus.

Associate Membership

    Becoming an active member of Beta Sigma Psi involves first going through an Associate Member program.  Through this program, each Associate Member will learn the values and methods of Beta Sigma Psi.  This is also a trial period for the Associate Member to find out if he really wants to stick with our house.  If for some reason, the Associate Member doesn't like the house, he can move out before he is formally initiated into the fraternity as an active member.

Moving In

    The move-in date for incoming freshmen/new students is the Saturday and Sunday before Opening Week (often referred to as O-Week).  You can come down and start moving in anytime during those two days.  If you should need to move in early for whatever reason, we can work out special arrangements - just talk to your Big Brother or one of the rush chairmen to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Any questions feel free to contact our current Recruitment Chairman

Rush Director

Assistant Rush Director

Matthew Zeuschel

Phone: +1 (314) 418-9034


Caleb Bruns

Phone: +1 (636) 297-0953


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