Giving and Dues

Thank you to all the alumni who have given dues and donations to the Alumni Chapter and to the Foundation. Your financial support is appreciated and very helpful for us to meet our goals and commitments. 

1. Alumni Dues

Although we do not officially require and enforce dues, we do count on them to help cover some of our basic expenses. The requested annual dues amount is $50. You can use our online option to pay dues or send your dues in the Art Giesler, Alumni Board Treasurer.

Pay Your Yearly Dues Online Through Paypal!

2. General Chapter Donations

Although General Donations to our Rolla Alumni Chapter of Beta Sigma Psi are not tax deductible, they are needed. General donations are used for Chapter House upkeep and improvements that do not fall under IRS rules for educational area and functions of the house. These donations are essential to keeping the Eta Chapter House in good repair.

Please use our online General Chapter Donations option found below or send checks to the Rolla Alumni Chapter of Beta Sigma Psi.

Mail to:
Art Giesler
P.O. Box 2031
Colleyville, TX 76034

If you have questions, you can contact Art at or call (817) 239-2234

3. Charitable Foundation Contributions

A few years ago, Neil Wolf ’52 led the effort to establish the Rolla Chapter of Beta Sigma Psi Charitable Foundation, certified as 501(c)(3) charity by the IRS, effective October 17, 2008. This foundation was established to give our alumni the opportunity to make tax deductible donations for major improvements to the Eta Chapter House. The mission of the foundation is: 

To provide resources and support for the advancement of education, intellectual welfare, and development for college-aged Lutheran and Christian men enrolled for studies at Missouri University of Science and Technology, including the granting of education scholarships fostering engineering and applied sciences and maintaining and constructing educational facilities by organizing and directing various fundraising activities.

Please use our online Charitable Foundation Contributions option found below or send checks to the Rolla Chapter of Beta SigmaPsi Charitable Foundation.

Mail to:
Rolla Chapter of Beta Sigma Psi Charitable Foundation
1324 Clayton Clarkson Center
Ellisville, MO 63011

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