Beta Sigma Psi is a National Lutheran Fraternity. We were originally founded at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the year of 1925. Since that date, we have spread to have 12 active chapters. We here at Eta Chapter were founded in 1952. Though originally located on the Missouri S&T campus, we moved and rebuilt our current house across Interstate-44 on a large piece of ground. This location(relative to campus) can be seen under our Pictures tab. 

The men of Beta Sigma Psi pride ourselves in being Spiritually Based, Scholastically Superior, and Socially Involved. These three values were what our founding fathers built this Fraternity on and we still hold them dear to this day. Our organization is committed to providing a positive environment where Christian men can grow within these values. 


We are firm believers in practicing what we preach here at Beta Sig. Because of this, we as a house attend Immanuel Lutheran Church one Sunday a month. We understand that during our collegiate careers we will be extremely busy; however, we know that giving one Sunday to give back to our Lord will only strengthen our Faith. While we all attend church together, there are many opportunities for students to become more involved with their Lutheran Faith. Students can usher, greet, or even be a reader during the Church service. Along with this, many men in our house attend other bibles studies and Christian organizations. 


While here at school, we believe that our one goal, our one job, should be to graduate with superior grades. Through Beta Sig, we promise to help you do your best in ALL of your classes. Our study system keeps track of who is falling behind academically and fixes the problem before it is too late. Every members GPA is evaluated at both mid-terms, and the end of the semesters. Based on these GPA's, our scholastic chair in the house will place you on study hours if necessary, or allow you to act freely on your own with no guidance. 

All Associate members will be placed on immediate guidance upon joining the house. This is simply to help them get on the right track when starting college. A lot of us students that attend Missouri S&T are extremely intelligent students and have not had to study much in high school. This guidance program will help them understand their studying strengths, such as, with groups or quietly and alone.

Lastly, one program that our house incorporates is the "Big Brother" Program. With this program, each incoming freshman will be assigned to an upperclassman roommate. This "Big Brother" will encourage good study habits, and will be available to help his "Little Brother" if he were to have any questions about the house, school, or life. 


Beta Sigma Psi encourages its members to branch out and form new friendships. We hold socials here at our house with other fraternities, sororities, clubs, and sports teams. When we spend this valued time with others here on campus, we introduce ourselves to not only other great people, but also life long friends. 

While being social with other students at Missouri S&T, we also have Brotherhood events inside our own house. These events can range from watching sports events together as a house, being involved in the St. Pat's competition, or spending a weekend at a service retreat. 

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